I’m currently not accepting new clients. I wholeheartedly recommend Gwynnae Byrd for all your home and business organizing needs.

I specialize in holistic home organizing—meaning we’ll look at your personal big picture when deciding what stays and what goes. Whether you just want to tackle the problem areas or crave a systematic overhaul, we’ll work together to harmonize all the different organizational styles and schedules under your roof. I use an eco-friendly approach to deep decluttering and creative upcycling, and I come prepared with a toolbox of tips and tactics which I’ll tailor to your unique needs and aesthetic. 

Click on one of the categories below to learn more about my specialized services.

Work Space
Let's tackle that home office once and for all to achieve work-life balance and optimize your productivity. I specialize in project management, coaching and fine-tuning your inboxes and calendars. We'll even hit financial points like tracking budget, record keeping, goal setting, and resources for the legal, tax, and investing aspects of financial health.

Craft Space
Yarn, fabric, paper, stamps, embellishments and more: I know all about battling stash creep and UFOs and am all about upcycling. We’ll work together to organize (or carve out) your space and stashes for maximum creative fun.

Sacred Space
Make space for yourself so you can hold space for others. We’ll work together to create, enhance or declutter your personal sacred space and create a sanctuary that nurtures your creativity, prosperity, health and the full spectrum of life. Home office and basic financial organizing are also offered for healing arts professionals working out of their home.

Project Launch
One of my key goals is to facilitate success in your personal and professional ventures, from large-scale organization or creative endeavors to dissertations and other deadline demands. This unique, budget-friendly service is for clients who want to take the first step but need a little boost. Adept at project managing and armed with a keen editorial eye, I offer consulting and coaching services (and brainstorming and editing support if needed).

Upcycling services are only offered to holistic organizing clients. 1. Too many t-shirts, but they’re still sentimental? I can turn those into reusable shopping bags for you. 2. Scrapbook stashes: I’ll bring a fresh eye to your paper and embellishment stashes and assemble bite-sized, color-coordinated mini-kits or vibrant new 12x12 backgrounds. 3. Yarn stashes: I’ll handcraft baskets, customized to your storage needs and color scheme.