Make breathing room.


Iā€™m currently not accepting new clients. I wholeheartedly recommend Gwynnae Byrd for all your home and business organizing needs.

As a home organizer, I reshape and optimize clients' home and work spaces to provide them the literal and figurative breathing room to fulfill their personal, creative and professional dreams. I love crafting and yoga, and have been figuring out how to fit both in small spaces for over 15 years. I also have professional experience in time and space management, digital consolidation and motivation (and yes, even procrastination).

My multifaceted expertise gives me the unique tools to...

  • streamline homes and offices

  • collaborate with you

  • support your big-picture goals

  • offer judgment-free insight

  • activate practical strategies

  • ...until everything that surrounds you functions and feels good

I follow the NAPO Code of Ethics.

Photo by The Goodness. Logo & website by @AdamMusing.